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Anthony W. Slater

is the Establishmentarian and Senior Pastor of Tehillah Church Ministries in Goldsboro, North Carolina, where he and his congregation are “Empowering People to Overcome.” With over 28 years of ministerial experience, he is striving to fulfill his destiny in the Kingdom of God. Having been called, anointed, and commissioned to preach and teach the message of Jesus Christ, Bishop Slater stands boldly as a Man of God.

God has ordained Tehillah Church Ministries to provide an atmosphere of worship and praise, which is conducive for the prophetic flow. Having served under prophets such as Prophet Todd Hall, Bishop Slater operates very accurately in the prophetic. Tehillah Church Ministries is also a shelter to those who have been forgotten and left-behind; to provide guidance; and to promote a lifestyle of salvation during a time when it seems that Christian living is less than popular. His ministry concentrates in the following areas: purpose, excellence, worship and praise, servant hood, and leadership. Tehillah Church Ministries continues to be on the cutting edge of true ministry; moving in the direction that God has assigned to Kingdom Ministry.

Through many years of instruction and training in the area of servant hood, Bishop Slater has become an authority on the Ministry of Helps with emphasis on training Adjutants, Armor bearers, Handmaidens, and Spiritual Protocol.

Church Leadership

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Sunday Morning Worship Experience

Every Sunday at 10:30am

Life Enrichment Bible Study

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm

Intercessory Prayer

Every Saturday at 10am

Leadership Training Class

Every Sunday at 9am



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Tehillah Church Ministries

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